novembre 02, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

...what made me stay in the front line for fourteen years in a row. As you get rid of the bullets zeroing around, you finally find yourself, and time slows down.
I wouldn't change anything of my 1995-2008 web journalism adventure, but now I finally know that if I'll ever find happiness, it won't come from trying to change the world.
Slow down, be happy.

Update 02 / 19 / 2011
Now I think I should have written "from trying to change the world but from evolving myself".
Yes, something's changing inside me, old ideas come to the surface in a new fashion, renewed and strenghtened. Something's happening. Slowly, of course.

A noble italian poet, an author and a composer, once wrote and sang the song I'm posting here. His name was Giorgio Gaber, the song is about freedom. "Freedom isn't remaining on a tree, it isn't about having an opinion, freedom isn't a free space, freedom means participation".

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